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      About Us - World Floor Plans

      This site was established in 2011 on the back of a need to have quick and easy access to various building and unit floor plans in the city of Dubai in the U.A.E.

      The site started when a family member, working in real estate at the time, was regularly scouring the web to obtain floor plans to assist a client. The idea then developed to have a central location, fully indexed, of floor plans accessible to everyone.

      Since then the site has grown, initially to other cities in the U.A.E., then to expanding into the Middle East, and now we are listing floor plans from all over the world.

      The site is proving popular and with ever increasing traffic numbers, we're looking good to keep the site live, and free for all users.

      If you would like to contribute to this site, as many users do, to help it grow, please send your floor plans, or links to and we'll make sure they are uploaded to the site for everyones use a.s.a.p.

      Many Thanks & enjoy the site

      Founder & Managing Director

      - End -