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      Ottawa Floor Plans

      Bowery Condos

      Type F1
      Type F2
      Type F3
      Type F4
      Type F5
      Type G1
      Type G2
      Type L1
      Type O1
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      Type O7
      Type O8
      Type S1
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      Type S5
      Type S6
      Type T1
      Type T2
      Type T3

      Hudson Park by Charlesfort

      The Broadway - 915 sq ft
      The Chrysler - 1373 sq ft
      The Lincoln - 1095 sq ft
      The Lincoln II - 1038 sq ft
      The Park Avenue - 1316 sq ft
      The Van-Allen - 1260 sq ft
      The Vanderbilt - 1112 sq ft
      The Waldorf 2 - 1471 sq ft
      The Zephyr - 950 sq ft
      The Zephyr II - 895 sq ft

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