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      Mega Private Homes

      Buckingham Palace, London, England

      Ground Floor Plan
      Historical Modifications Plan
      Old Context Plan

      Downing Street, London, England

      10 Downing Street
      11 Downing Street

      Neuschwanstein Castle

      Main Level
      Ground Floor
      Thrid Floor
      Fourth Floor

      Nurbourne Park, Hambledon, Surrey

      Front Elevation
      Main Elevation
      Ground Floor
      First Floor
      Second Floor

      San Fransico Bay, Marissa Meyer

      Lower Floor
      First Floor
      Second Floor
      Third Floor
      Property Photos

      The White House, Washington DC, USA

      Ground Floor Plan
      Upper Floor Plan
      Vintage Floor Plan 1
      Vintage Floor Plan 2
      First Garden Plan

      Westminster Palace

      Historical Layout

      Versailles, Florida, USA

      Site Plan
      Basement Level
      Main Level
      Upper Level
      Front Elevation
      Side Elevation
      Back Elevation
      Internal Ballroom
      Versailles Photos

      Updown Court, Surrey, UK

      Basement Level
      Ground Level
      First Level
      Penthouse Level
      Updown Court Photos

      1201 Laurel Way, Beverley Hills

      Main House Lower
      Main House Ground
      Main House Upper
      Guest House Lower
      Guest House Upper
      Elevation Front
      Elevation Garage
      Elevation Main

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