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      Newport Beach Floor Plans

      Baypointe Apartments

      Type 1
      Type 2
      Type 3
      Type 4
      Type 4b
      Type 5
      Type 6

      Bays, The

      Bayport 1
      Bayport 2
      Bayview 2
      Bayview 3
      Baywood 1
      Baywood 2
      Baywood 3
      Baywood 4
      Baywood 5

      Bordeaux Apartments

      Type A
      Type B
      Type C
      Type D
      Type E
      Type F

      Colony Apartments, The

      Plan 1
      Plan 2
      Plan 3
      Plan 4
      Plan 5

      Mariner Square

      Plan A
      Plan B
      Plan B1
      Plan C2
      Plan D
      Plan D1

      Newport North

      Type Arabella
      Type Arrezo
      Type Bettola
      Type Corsica
      Type Durante
      Type Emilia
      Type Fiore

      Newport Bluffs

      Type Campanile 01
      Type Campanile 01a
      Type Campanile 02
      Type Campanile 03
      Type Campanile 04
      Type Campanile 04a
      Type Campanile 05
      Type Campanile 06
      Type Campanile 07
      Type Campanile 08
      Type Campanile 09
      Type Campanile 11
      Type Residencia 01
      Type Residencia 02
      Type Residencia 03
      Type Residencia 04
      Type Residencia 05
      Type Residencia 06
      Type Residencia 07
      Type Residencia 08
      Type Residencia 09
      Type Rivoli 01
      Type Rivoli 06
      Type Rivoli 08

      Newport Ridge

      Plan A
      Plan B
      Plan C
      Plan D
      Plan E
      Plan F

      Promontory Pointe

      Type A2
      Type B3
      Type C4
      Type C5
      Type C6
      Type D4
      Type D5
      Type D6
      Type E2
      Type E3
      Type E4
      Type E5
      Type E6
      Type F1
      Type G2
      Type G3
      Type G4
      Type H1
      Type H2
      Type J
      Type K
      Type M
      Type V

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