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      Charlotte, NC. Floor Plans

      Auston Woods, 5301, Roundstone Way

      The Biltmore
      The Birkdale
      The Blue Ridge
      The Blumenthal
      The Charleston
      The Cornelius
      The Davidson
      The Dilworth
      The Hatteras
      The Mt Holly
      The North Lake
      The Savannah

      Camden South End, 1205 South Tryon Street

      Unit 11A
      Unit 11B
      Unit 11C
      Unit 11D
      Unit 11E
      Unit 11F
      Unit 11O
      Unit 22A
      Unit 22B
      Unit 22C
      Unit 22D
      Unit 22E
      Unit 22F
      Unit S1A
      Unit S1B
      Unit S1C

      Cotton Mills, 520 West 5th Street

      Unit 11FC2
      Unit 11G
      Unit 11I
      Unit 11IA
      Unit 11IB
      Unit 11IC
      Unit 11ID
      Unit 11J
      Unit 11JA
      Unit 11JB
      Unit 1A
      Unit 1B
      Unit 1C
      Unit 1D
      Unit 1E
      Unit 1F
      Unit 1FA
      Unit 1FB
      Unit 1BC
      Unit 1H
      Unit 1HA
      Unit 1HB
      Unit 1K
      Unit 21A
      Unit 21C
      Unit 21CA
      Unit 21CB
      Unit 21CC
      Unit 22A
      Unit 22AA
      Unit 22AB
      Unit 22AC
      Unit 22B
      Unit 22BA
      Unit 22BB
      Unit 22C
      Unit 22CA
      Unit 22CD
      Unit 22D

      Dilworth Apts. 1510 Scott Avenue

      Unit A1
      Unit A13
      Unit A2
      Unit A2A
      Unit A3
      Unit A3A
      Unit A3A2
      Unit B1
      Unit B1A
      Unit B1A2
      Unit B2
      Unit B2A
      Unit B2A2
      Unit C1
      Unit D1
      Unit E1
      Unit F1
      Unit F12
      Unit F2
      Unit F22
      Unit G1
      Unit H1
      Unit HA1
      Unit HA12
      Unit HB1
      Unit HB12

      Gallery by Camden, 1750 Camden Road

      Unit A1
      Unit A11
      Unit A12
      Unit A13
      Unit A2
      Unit A21
      Unit A210
      Unit A21M
      Unit A22
      Unit A23
      Unit A24
      Unit A25
      Unit A26
      Unit A27
      Unit A28
      Unit A29M
      Unit A3
      Unit A31
      Unit A4
      Unit A41
      Unit A42
      Unit A5
      Unit A51
      Unit A52
      Unit A52A
      Unit A53
      Unit A54
      Unit A55
      Unit A55A
      Unit A5M
      Unit C1
      Unit C2
      Unit C2A
      Unit C2M
      Unit C3

      Grandview by Camden, 309 East Morehead Street

      Type Buckhead
      Type Georgetown
      Type Hydepark
      Type Lexington
      Type Manhattan
      Type Myerspark
      Type Nantucket
      Type Nobhill
      Type Soho
      Type South Beach
      Type Uptown

      Southline by Camden, 2300 South Boulevard

      Unit A11
      Unit A12
      Unit A13
      Unit A14
      Unit A15
      Unit A16
      Unit A21
      Unit A22
      Unit A31
      Unit A32
      Unit A33
      Unit B11
      Unit B11A
      Unit B12
      Unit B12A
      Unit B13
      Unit B15
      Unit B16
      Unit B17
      Unit B21
      Unit B22
      Unit B31
      Unit B32
      Unit B41
      Unit B51
      Unit B52
      Unit B53
      Unit B61
      Unit C11
      Unit C11A
      Unit C12
      Unit C12A
      Unit C13
      Unit C14
      Unit C15
      Unit C16
      Unit C17
      Unit C18
      Unit C21
      Unit C22
      Unit C31
      Unit C32
      Unit C33
      Unit C41
      Unit C42
      Unit C43
      Unit C44

      - End -